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PicoVac™ Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

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Introducing the Picovac Desktop Vacuum Cleaner – your portable solution for hassle-free cleaning anytime, anywhere.

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to convenience with our cordless, 360º rotatable cleaning wonder.

With precision suction power and whisper-quiet operation, the Picovac is here to revolutionize your cleaning routine. Get ready to embrace a cleaner, tidier workspace with ease and style!


  • Cordless Convenience: Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included), the Picovac offers 90 minutes of continuous cleaning without the hassle of cords, allowing you to clean anywhere without restrictions.

  • Precision Capture Nozzle: Unlike other manual vacuum cleaners, the Picovac's nozzle is designed to pick up larger debris effortlessly, making it perfect for cleaning desktops, keyboards, and other surfaces.

  • 360º Rotatable Design: Designed for maximum efficiency, the Picovac features a 360º rotatable design, allowing you to effortlessly reach every nook and cranny with ease. Whether it's the tight spaces between large objects or the corners of your workspace, our vacuum cleaner ensures thorough cleaning without the hassle.
  • High Suction Power: Despite its compact size, the Picovac boasts impressive suction power, ensuring it can tackle even the largest piles of debris without breaking a sweat. And with minimal noise output, you can enjoy peace and quiet while the Picovac works its magic, whether you're working, studying, or catching some much-needed rest.

  • Low Noise Operation: Enjoy peace and quiet while cleaning, as the Picovac operates quietly, allowing you to focus on your tasks without any distractions.

  • Easy to Use: Easy to operate and built to last, the Picovac is suitable for users of all ages, making it ideal for students and the elderly alike. Its lightweight and portable design make it the perfect companion for quick cleaning tasks on your desktop, in your home, or even in your car.

Experience the ultimate in portable cleaning convenience with the Picovac Desktop Vacuum Cleaner – your trusty companion for keeping your surroundings spotless with minimal effort.

PicoVac™ Desktop Vacuum Cleaner
PicoVac™ Desktop Vacuum Cleaner Sale priceRs. 476.00 Regular priceRs. 1,399.00